Best Mid Cap Stocks to Invest in India 2024

Best Mid Cap Stocks to Invest in 2024

Investing in mid-cap stocks in India offers investors looking for a stable investment with room to expand a substantial opportunity. Companies having market capitalisations in between large-cap and small-cap generally own mid-cap stocks. Because of their flexibility and ability to lead their respective industries in the future, these stocks can have tremendous growth opportunities. Don’t forget to look out for these best mid cap stocks this upcoming year.

Mid-cap stocks in India

Companies and equities between the large-cap and small-cap categories are called midcap. Midcaps are valued between ₹ 5,000 and ₹ 20,000 crore. This flexible classification may alter in response to shifts in the company’s market value. The total number of shares and the importance of each share a firm owns are used to calculate its market capitalisation.

Midcap stocks are a popular choice for investors looking for investment opportunities in the Indian market since they provide a unique blend of stability and development potential. The best midcap stocks in India that have attracted investors’ attention due to their encouraging performance and future potential are examined in this article.

10 Best mid-cap stocks to Invest in 2024

The 10 best mid cap stocks 2024 in India are as follows:

●    Info Edge

The online classified company Info Edge owns multiple brands, including 99acres, Naukri, Jeevansathi, and Shiksha. The business has produced strong three- and five-year returns and is practically debt-free. One of the top midcap stocks for 2024 investing is this one.

●    Relaxo Footwear

The biggest non-leather footwear manufacturer in India is called Relaxo Footwear. It works in the main categories of sporty slippers, sports and canvas shoes, rubber slippers, EVA and PU slippers, etc. Relaxo owns several well-known brands, such as Flite and Bahamas. The business has maintained a good dividend payout ratio and is virtually debt-free.

●    Aether

Nine years old, Aether is a maker of specialty chemicals with a strong track record of expansion. The company just released its initial public offering. The business operates a specialised chemicals division with a vital R&D component. The corporation declared a revenue CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 43% for 2019–2022.  It is on the list of the most optimistic mid-cap stocks.

●    Escorts Kubota Ltd

The engineering firm Escorts, often known as Escorts Kubota Limited, is in India. It offers solutions for infrastructure, agriculture, and railroads. The company is divided into four segments: agri-machinery, railway equipment, auto ancillary items, and construction equipment. Even though Escorts’ shares fell 6.1% in the first few months of the year, the company’s primary financial metrics have consistently shown improvement.

●    Crompton Greaves Consumer Electrical Ltd

The consumer electric company Crompton Greaves Consumer Electrical Ltd. is in India and operates in two segments: lighting and electrical consumer durables (ECD). It produces and sells a large variety of goods. The business has kept its dividend distribution percentage at a respectable level. It has also successfully lowered its debt load, elevating it to one of the best midcap stocks.

●    Coforge

One of the top mid-sized Indian IT service providers, Coforge offers managed services, cloud computing, application development and maintenance, and business process outsourcing to businesses in the financial services, insurance, travel, manufacturing and distribution, transportation and logistics, and government sectors. The company’s outsourcing sales are growing, and its business portfolio is well-diversified.

●    Canara Bank Ltd

Canara Bank Ltd. is involved in asset management, life insurance, retail and wholesale banking, treasury, and other financial activities. Canara Bank offers Internet banking, corporate, non-Indian, personal, and micro, small, and medium-sized business (MSME) banking solutions. Over the years, the bank has offered a respectable dividend yield.

●    Muthoot Finance

An Indian NBFC called Muthoot Finance specialises in providing corporate and personal loans backed by gold jewellery. It provides a variety of online digital loans as well as gold loans. Over the years, the corporation has continued to pay out a fair amount of dividends.

●    Deepak Nitrite Ltd

The share price of Deepak Nitrite Limited has changed noticeably in recent months. In the past three years, the stocks of Deepak Nitrite have surged 411%. The business is regarded as one of the midcap stocks with the best performance. Gains over the previous five years have been an astounding 735%.

●    CCL Products Ltd

CCL Products Ltd processes raw coffee beans into instant coffee granules or powder. The company is the biggest coffee processor in the nation and serves many of the leading private-label coffee companies worldwide. The business is also the biggest exporter of instant coffee from India. In addition to its business-to-business operations, the company is expanding its private-label coffee brand, Continental, at a healthy rate.

Reasons to invest in mid-cap stocks

Compared to large-cap and small-cap equities, mid-cap stocks have outperformed them both throughout the last few years. Experienced investors now favour them due to their enviable position in the stock market, which allows them to take advantage of both high returns and risk mitigation. They support portfolio diversification in investments.

Compared to small-cap companies, mid-cap companies in India have more significant loan opportunities, leading to increased development and expansion possibilities. Most mid-cap companies allow for substantial dividends and have space for value appreciation because they are positioned in the centre of the growth graph.

Large institutions and experienced investors tend to pay less attention to mid-cap shares in their early days because they are not frequently analysed. It results in inexpensive prices, which makes adding it to your portfolio more affordable.

You can make significant gains if you can accurately determine which mid-cap stocks list stocks that have the potential to receive more scrutiny and examination in the future and allocate a substantial portion of your investments to such funds. In contrast to small-cap firms, corporations with these stocks provide sufficient details about their financial standing and past performance.

As a result, analysing businesses from a list of mid-cap stocks is simpler. To make an informed choice about your investment, you may thus successfully conclude their profitability and growth prospects.


Firms with a capitalisation that falls between large and small are considered to have mid-cap stocks and shares. These equities on the SEBI’s list have balanced liquidity, respectable returns, and modest risks. Compared to small-sized businesses, they can withstand market turbulence and have a strong growth potential.

During the past few years, they have frequently outperformed large-cap and small-cap equities. Diversifying their portfolios is advisable for investors with a moderate risk appetite who want to invest for long-term gains. For investors in the Indian stock market looking for growth potential and diversification, investing in mid-cap businesses can be profitable. Although risks are involved, these can be lessened with careful thought and investigation.

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