Excerpts on Motor Insurance by One of the Industry Leaders

Excerpts on Motor Insurance by One of the Industry Leaders "Mr. Pravin Agarwal"

Why should we prefer replacing damaged parts of our vehicles from OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) dealers only?

Well, your car is using thousands of moving parts. You can imagine the amount of wear and tear they go through and the maintenance it requires. It is better if you take your car to authorized workshops. The authorized workshops follow a process and find a cause why a particular part got damaged or is working improperly. The authorized workshops replace the damaged parts with original parts, sourced directly from the manufacturer. These parts are sourced by OEM on many quality parameters. While, it is a logical choice to go for OEM parts, there are many people who prefer to install non-OEM or aftermarket parts from local mechanic shops in their vehicles. The obvious reason is OEM workshops are costly as compared to unauthorized shops. When you travel in your car it is your safety which is at stake. Especially at high speeds, any fault in the car can prove to be fatal. So, never take such risks. Have a sound comprehensive car insurance policy which covers your own car-related losses. The policy must have OEM authorized dealers network for cashless claims. So, you need not go to unauthorized mechanic shops.

Sir, what happens if someone misplaces the keys of the car?

Many people do not know that losing car keys is not something you should take casually. I have seen people who misplace car keys are using the second key as if nothing has happened. Misplacing your car keys can result in theft of car and denial of claim by the insurance company. If there is theft of the car, the insurance company asks to present both the keys of the car. If you are unable to present both the keys to the insurer then the latter shall reject the claim on the grounds of negligence by the car owner. The insurance company covers you for financial risk but not for your own negligence.

The reason why many people don’t replace the car keys after misplacing them is that they are very costly. Now that you know the consequences of not getting your keys replaced you should opt for key replacement rider in your car insurance policy. There is a fractional increase in your car insurance premium if you take key replacement add-on cover.

Sir, there is always a lot of confusion on what all add-on I should buy. Can you guide us on the same?

Car insurance add-on covers are additional covers that you receive from your insurance provider along with your insurance policy, sometimes at the payment of an extra fee. You must have a detailed discussion on this issue with your agent to ensure that you buy your policy with the essential add-ons at a reasonable amount.

The popular add-on covers that you should have in your car insurance policy are:

  • Tyre Cover
  • Zero Depreciation cover
  • Invoice Cover
  • Passenger Cover
  • Roadside assistance
  • Engine Protector
  • Consumables Cover
  • Key replacement cover

Sir, from where shall I get the most authentic information about insurance?

This is a very good question. It is very important that you get the most authentic information on insurance to make the right buying decisions. Don’t read and believe any material available on the internet. Best practice is to cross-verify from IRDAI’s website and insurance companies websites. Certain websites of insurance brokers such as SMC Insurance Brokers are also good source of information as they publish anything on their website after thorough research and authenticity check. You can refer them to make the most informed decision.


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